Saturday, December 17, 2011

Breaking news and tips for independent authors

     This is going to be another short post. I just wanted to share the good news that The Sword Of Magna is one of 8 featured books this week on the Free-eBooks home page. In just under 24 hours, the free .pdf version of my ebook has already been downloaded 142 times.

     I would highly recommend them as a valuable resource to any independent authors looking to gain exposure for their works. Besides posting the free downloadable .pdf version of your book on their site, for a very minimal fee you can also create an author profile for yourself, upload your author photo, book cover image, bio, a brief synopsis of your book, and any links you care to add (to sites where your real Kindle or eBook versions are available for purchase). They also have additional optional services, like emailing the .pdf version of your book to a mailing list of over 900,000 avid readers (also for a comfortably affordable fee…). Here’s the link – check them out for yourself:

     I must also recommend another site which I think is a great resource for independent authors. The site is called BookDaily. The only difference between the BookDaily site and the Free–eBooks site is that with the BookDaily site you can’t submit a .pdf version of your entire book, but it's completely free to add your own author profile. They let you upload the first chapter, along with a brief synopsis, author photo, book cover image, bio and links to any sites where your book is available for purchase…all for free. And it does feel good to have your book listed right alongside books by J. R. R. Tolkien, Steven King, Ayn Rand, C. S. Lewis, Kurt Vonnegut and J. K. Rowling (to name but a few…). Here’s the link:

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