Saturday, December 17, 2011

The inhabitants of Axphalia (Part 2)

 In this post I would like to introduce you to some of the other peoples and creatures who make their homes on Axphalia.

The dagons:
Although the dagons are from Timneria, they are listed here due to their invasion of Axphalia and the way this invasion impacts the unfolding history of Axphalia (and all of Magnatus). The dagons are a bloodthirsty and warlike race. They are bred for warfare and show no fear or mercy. The typical dagon is broad chested and muscular and stands head and shoulders above most of the other inhabitants of Axphalia. The dagon fighter is usually well armored with iron chain mail, an iron breastplate and an iron helmet. His weapon of choice is the giant axe. These grotesque-looking creatures are not unlike Tolkien’s orcs…..a single armed dagon is an intimidating enough sight, but the sight of a massive dagon army advancing would strike terror into the boldest heart.

The mirror people:
The mirror people are the messengers and servants of Magna. No one knows for certain how many of them there are, but they seem to be scattered throughout all Magnatus. The mirror people are imbued with some special gifts…not unlike the powers that earthlings would attribute to angels. One of these powers is the ability to materialize and dematerialize at will, allowing them the opportunity to travel vast distances instantaneously. The mirror people are invisible unless you happen to be looking exactly in their direction. If this is the case, all you would see is your own reflection (hence the name “mirror people”). They can speak in any language and dialect to be found on Magnatus, and in special circumstances they can physically intervene in the affairs of the other inhabitants with the blessing and direction of Magna himself.

The felonians:
The felonians of the Western Outlands are an ancient race of living trees who once engaged in an epic war with the ancient sylvanians. The great war ended when the sylvanians used some kind of magic power to put the felonians to sleep. Reports have it that the felonians have recently awoken from their centuries-long sleep, and have joined forces with the dagons. The felonian diet is strictly blood. They seize their victims in their thorny limbs and slowly suck the blood out of them. A felonian can outrun a treadling at full gallop.

The sylvanians:
Ironically enough, the ancient sylvanians, now long extinct, met their demise at the hands of the very foes they had just vanquished. Just days before the sylvanians won the war by putting the felonians into an enchanted sleep, the felonians had poisoned the sylvanian’s water supply, and the entire sylvanian race died within a week of their short-lived victory. The ancient sylvanians once lived in a vast network of underground caverns far beneath the Ancient Forest. They were renowned metal workers – a race of extremely gifted gold- and silversmiths whose intricate works in all types of metals are legendary throughout Axphalia. At the time our story begins, the few surviving sylvanian-wrought metal objects are very precious and highly treasured….

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