Friday, March 9, 2012

Fourth Review

Review of The Sword of Magna
This unique story, which reminds one of  J.R. R. Tolkien, is about a young dwelfling who lives in the small treetop village of Oakfield.  The life there is simple, and none of the inhabitants venture very far away from home, except for the bi-weekly trip to the market.  The young dwelfling’s name is Chryslan, who early one morning stumbles across the golden tip of an ancient sylvanian sword.  He does not know that it is the tip of the sword of Magna or even that it has special powers.  He only knows that it is very old and valuable.  After making the mistake of showing off his find at the local market, the sword tip is stolen from his shoulder bag the very same night, as he sleeps.  While at the market, he heard a report of two orchnid girls who had found the hilt of a similar sword.  With his father’s blessing he and some friends set off the next morning in search of his missing sword tip  (along with four of his father’s talking treadlings - which on Earth could pass for giant horses, except for the single bright red eye which shines from the center of their foreheads at night). With his pet whipple tagging along he starts on his epic adventure, where he meets and befriends many of the strange and mystical creatures who inhabit Magnatus.  Accompanied by his friends, Chryslan goes from the hunter to the hunted as evil forces seek him out.  Can he find the missing pieces of the sword before all of Axphalia is completely devoured by these evil forces?  Riding along with Chryslan is a real adventure to be enjoyed.  A must read for those who love great fantasy adventure.
Richard Nance, author of The Hidden World Chronicles.

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